Consumer Complaints


Here are the links that you need to investigate a business or file a consumer complaint against a business or individual who is not conducting business in a suitable or safe manner. In here, you will find links to government, community organizations and agencies with whom you may file grievances, express concerns or make inquiries about attorneys, doctors,  construction companies, engineers, retailers, transportation services (public and private taxi, limousine, independent drivers), towing companies, moving companies. Also included are links for consumer complaints about faulty products, price-gouging, non-working vehicles for hire, and the improper dispensing of products. Tobacco, firearms and alcohol products may not be sold through self-service dispensers. The Division of Public Safety Department handles consumer complaints against businesses, retailers, landlords, moving companies, vehicles for hire, towing companies and title loan companies. The Division maintains an open database of businesses and landlords for which complaints have been received. The Division also enforces a price gouging ordinance during emergencies. It has offices in Boca Raton, Delray and Glades, Florida.

      • SEARCH for closed claims against lawyers, doctors, dentists, hospitals, HMO’s, abortion clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, crisis stabilization units.  Provided by the Florida Department of Insurance.

      • Does your medical doctor or nurse have any claims against them? Check here.  Please note that the State’s database may not be all-inclusive and that additional research may be needed.

      • Free LICENSE LOOKUPS from the Florida Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA).  Includes doctors’ credentials, experience and education.   To verify a LICENSE held with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) or click here to file a COMPLAINT.

      • Free CORPORATE INFORMATION LOOKUPS to confirm corporate standing, officers and filings.  You may also lookup corporate registered agents, fictitious name information and Florida trademark data.

      • To file a COMPLAINT against a Florida bar, restaurant, club or hotel.

      • This will let you research your financial broker to see if any claims have been asserted.

      • This will let you research for financial advisor certification.
      • This link will enable you to look up any information about any individual in Florida Public Records.