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Here are some links to search criminal records, to do background checks and to provide anonymous tips about serious crimes in the community or at school. A felony is a serious crime, characterized under federal law and in the state of Florida as any offense punishable by death or imprisonment in excess of one year. A misdemeanors, on the other hand, is defined as an offense punishable by fines or by short terms of imprisonment in local jails. Unless an employer asks about criminal records, a prospective employee need not mention such history. To avoid negligence in hiring and recruiting, many employers employ background checks. Security clearances at a company may be denied to an employee with a criminal backgrounds. A criminal record can result in the loss of driving privileges, an inability to legally own a firearm, and other rights. Anyone can, and should, perform a background search before hiring home contractors or in-home service providers. Finger-prints and criminal records are electronically maintained for individuals who have been identified as a risk to public safety or security. A criminal history also provides information about physical appearance, including distinguishing marks like tattoos, scars or birthmarks.  In addition to basic background information, a  criminal history will also show past and present address records, any history of changes to marital status, any tax liens and any property ownership.  Links are also provided so that citizens and students may provide anonymous tips about serious crimes in the community or at school. Rewards may also be offered for tips that lead to an arrest. Students should not give out their names when providing tips. Instead, student-callers will be given a code number and further instructions. Records of felony (serious) crimes are maintained in the Clerk of Circuit Court, Criminal Division in each county courthouse.

Scan the Florida Department of Law Enforcement database for wanted persons here.

Tip Line to report Missing Persons or help solve open murder crimes.

To lookup a stolen gun.

Here is a link to Blue Alerts to be notified when a law enforcement officer is killed, suffered serious bodily injury, and/or is missing while in the line of duty and the suspect, who is considered to pose an imminent threat to the public, is still at large.

Here are crime-related links that may be of assistance to you:

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