Public Safety

Here are links to agencies and organizations that exist for the benefit of the public safety of our communities. The links provide access to organizations and agencies through which to report problems. Note there are no statewide links for public safety problems with animal control. These are handled by county offices, and are different for each county. County links are on our investigative home page. If you know the name of the animal owner, you may find their address and phone number through a link provided on our political action page. For public annoyances, noise or disturbances, or graffiti in process, contact local law enforcement ONLY if it an activity for which immediate cessation is possible. For defamation, contact an attorney; law enforcement does not intervene in civil matters. For litter, illegal dumping, improper waste storage or disposal and contaminated drinking water, contact the Florida Department of Environmental protection. The Florida Department of Health oversees food safety and the restaurant and catering businesses, and are included in our links, below. We also have provided links for building elevator inspections and fire violation reports. There is also a link that enables you to add emergency contact details to your Florida driver’s license. If you live alone, and are severely injured in an accident, public safety and emergency teams will appreciate this contact information.

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