Sexual Offenders – Predators

This page is your link to the sexual offenders, or predators, who may be living in your neighborhood, spying on your computer, or applying for your in-home or business job opening. It is important for individuals, businesses and professional service agencies, companies or organizations to know of sexual offenders, so they can be selective and perform safe and due diligence in assigning work to them. Sexual assault and sexual violence are often repeat offenses. Reckless hiring may result in direct or indirect liability for subsequent problem behaviors that result from work assignments to sexual offenders. Sexually transmitted diseases may accompany the emotional and physical damages caused by these criminals. Many communities enact laws to create safe areas for children by prohibiting sexual offenders and predators from loitering or dwelling near child care centers, schools, bus stops, camps or parks where children congregate. It is also important to monitor children’s use of computers, as dangerous connections can be initiated online. Children are often targeted by sexual predators. It is important to make children aware of the risks of speaking with or entering the physical space of any stranger. They should be taught to never enter a  vehicle with an unknown individual or individuals. The State of Florida has a requirement that convicted sexual predators notify the Florida Department of Law Enforcement of any and all changes in their e-mail addresses, login identifiers, dwelling addresses and telephone numbers.  It is important to know who is in your physical or virtual area. Concerned individuals can sign up for alerts from the state of Florida, so they will know when a sexual predator moves into their neighborhood. It is  also possible to do a search of a neighborhood to learn if a sexual predator resides in the area. We have provided the links, below.

Locate predators and conduct neighborhood lookups in your neighborhood and surrounding area.

Stay alert with text alert notifications to your phone to alert for predators on the move.

To report suspicious sexual predator activity.